Are you a local business owner, or are you looking to set up your own business as a sole-trader?

Do you need advise and guidance on best practices, or an accountant by your side to make sure everything is above-board?

Our accounting services include:

  • Review of accounting records and processes
  • Review of current software provision
  • Mentoring with junior/admin staff
  • Regular bookkeeping (bank reconciliations, balance sheet recs)
  • Production of monthly/quarterly management accounts
  • Supplier payments management
  • Staff expenses payments
  • KPI reports
  • Bank, lender and shareholder reports
  • Working cashflow document (rolling 12-26 weeks)
  • Assistance with grant and R&D funding/claims
  • Liaison with external accountants and auditors
  • Liaison with external lenders to secure funding
  • 24/7 access to contact our consultants for urgent issues via text or video call

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